Recent Transaction

Spotlight on a recent transaction:

Jules and Associates was in contact with a top 25 not for profit agency for the past 10 years.  We presented to the board on the advantages of using our Vendor Residual Lease program.  The entity like to leverage bonds when purchasing equipment.  The low interest rate and the low cash flow cost made it very attractive.  The issue with bonds is that they should only be used for long term purchases.  They are not designed to support equipment that is replaced every 3-5 years.  After experiencing the difficulty of returning equipment that was used through bond funds, the entity gave us the opportunity to finance their capital needs.  The value of this story is two-fold, we spend many years fostering relationships in order to earn your business and cost and cash flow don’t always provide the best solution when financing equipment.   

At Jules and Associates, our main focus to provide each of our clients with customized finance options that meet their respective, unique needs.  Business owners will also appreciate that our credit and underwriting teams are both centrally located, providing you with quicker credit decisions and a faster funding process.