Not for Profit

As an independent lender, Jules and Associates offers you the flexibility and freedom to choose a suitable equipment finance option for your organization. Serving non-profits nationally since 1989, we provide flexible lease structures tailored to your needs, including renovations, equipment upgrades to technology, software installations and training costs.

Commonly Financed Equipment

  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Cardio and Strength Equipment
  • Golf Carts and Field Maintenance Equipment
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Locker Room and Pool Equipment
  • Signage
  • Vehicles, Vans and Buses
  • HVAC Systems Testing and Lab Equipment

Why Jules and Associates?

  • Affordable lease payments and no upfront costs
  • A dedicated team that services the entire process, from purchase order to delivery
  • Vendor residual lease terms that provide a low overall cost alternative with easy return provisions
  • Turn a capital expenditure into a fixed operating cost on 3 to 5 year terms

I have found Jules to be competent, reliable and most importantly trustworthy. I can tell you that I have had bad experiences working with other leasing companies and so it is comforting to work with Jules, knowing that they are partners who are fair in their dealings.

ā€“ Chief Financial Officer, Arizona


Jules offered a competitive structure, pricing and end-of-term options. They worked with us to structure equipment leases to meet our unique leasing requirements.

ā€“ Chief Financial Officer, Large Non-Profit Organization


I always feel like Iā€™m getting an honest and fair rate. The feeling that we are partners in the business is very important to me.

ā€“ Executive Director, Oklahoma