What You Need Know in Equipment Financing that Banks Won’t Say

Equipment Financing: What Your Banks, Brokers and Vendors Aren’t Telling You – Part 2: 100% Financing

Offering the freedom of 100% financing with no down payment required can be a main differentiator in retaining Lessors’ clientele. For over 25 years, we have been an independent lender and have successfully served nine diverse industries, each consisting of a wide range of equipment finance clients and transactions. While providing customized finance structures, we are proud to remain independent and offer key benefits that our competitors do not offer.

100% financing gives you the peace of mind that your equipment and any other additional soft costs associated with the project, including freight, training, software and consulting charges, are all covered. While banks may be concerned with finding evaluations on these types of soft costs, we are more focused on the importance of financing your project in its entirety in order to help your company succeed.

What businesses may not know is that choosing an independent financing firm can offer unique options that could benefit middle market companies with the best incentives. For instance, Jules and Associates cuts the middle-man out a transaction by giving our clients the ability to choose their vendors, ushering a flow of business on both ends.

Furthermore, most leasing companies focus their energy and attention on creating vendor relationships in order to create finance opportunities. This consequently leads to the vendor serving as the primary focal point in the lease transaction, which obviously does not benefit the customer. On the other hand, Jules and Associates focuses on its customers directly, along with their respective needs. Our goal is to provide highly competitive, customized finance options based on the Lessee’s credit worthiness, which gives our clients the freedom to choose both the equipment and the vendor that best fits their unique needs.

Providing one-of-a-kind structures and lease terms depending on every transaction’s situation within the project has helped Jules and Associates to be ranked among the top 20 independent leasing companies in the United States and has set the firm apart from the competition.

From medical equipment to technology, Jules and Associates provides financing for a wide range of collateral used for any job and offers over 25 years of proven industry-specific knowledge. Get in touch with one of our expert account executives. We are headquartered in downtown Los Angeles with an additional office in Orange County.

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