Choosing the Right End of Lease Options

This can be an arduous task when determining the perfect financing option for each specific project. Jules and Associates provides the same high level of service to customers seeking to finance either a $100,000 equipment purchase or a multi-million dollar project through multiple schedules. Servicing the middle-market, we sustain the flexibility to handle transactions from $75,000 to $250,000 range in the same manner as our larger $500,000-$10 million transactions.

Providing flexible lease structures that can handle various funding amounts, term lengths, end of lease buyouts and billing schedules has helped Jules and Associates consistently rank amongst the top 20 independent leasing companies in the United States.

At Jules and Associates, every client is assigned an expert Account Executive that will help tailor the most favorable end of lease structures to meet your specific needs. In each case, we address the customer’s cash flow, operating lease qualification and options to acquire or return the equipment.

Jules and Associates offers six different end of lease options to ensure you will have the most favorable structure for your specific needs. The best option for you can be determined after a brief conversation. We encourage you to contact one of our expert Account Executives directly at either our Los Angeles headquarters or our Orange County office.

  • Residual Lease – At the end of the lease, the Lessee may purchase the equipment for a set residual, or a vendor can pay off the residual. This is a great tool to use when upgrading equipment every 3-4 years.
  • $1.00 – Transfer equipment at the end of the lease to the Lessee for $1.00
  • Capped or Closed-Ended – End of lease purchase options from 1%-40% of the original equipment cost. This type of structure works for both capital and operating leases. The higher residual held at the end of term allows for lower payments, thus helping with cash flow. This type of structure also helps a lease address FASB 13 criteria.
  • Balloon Payment – Some customers need a specific payment to align their cash flow with their intent to keep the equipment. The balloon payment is the perfect solution in that it includes a low monthly payment with an option to only purchase the equipment for a set amount at the end of term.
  • Open-Ended – Offers the ability to continue the lease agreement on a month to month basis after the completion of the initial lease term. The Lessee may have projects that extend past the expected due date or may not have the replacement equipment ready at that time. For whatever the reason may be, this type of lease allows the Lessee to continue until the equipment is no longer needed.
  • Fair Market Value – The value of the equipment based on the sale determined at an arm’s length, between a willing buyer and a willing seller. We also offer Fair Market Value options that are capped or not to be less than a specific percentage. In short, we can offer a variety of Fair Market Value options to meet your qualification needs.

Our expert Account Executives are just a call away. Feel free to drop us a line to inquire about your equipment leasing needs and to learn more about our end of term options more in detail.

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About Jules and Associates

Founded in 1989, Jules and Associates is one of the nation’s fastest growing, privately-held equipment financing corporations. Since inception, we have originated over $1.5 billion in assets and have established a strong history of working closely with companies of all sizes. Our decades of experience has allowed us to service the industries that fuel the country’s economy, including the Medical, Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation, Construction and Food Service sectors. Jules and Associates main focus is to provide each of our clients with customized finance options that meet their respective, unique needs. Our top-rated customer service and overall formula for success have propelled us to be consistently ranked within the top 20 independent leasing companies in the nation. Headquartered in Los Angeles with an additional office in Irvine, Jules and Associates has proudly maintained the same ownership and management for over 25 years.