Equipment Financing: A Guide for Business Owners

As a top Los Angeles equipment financing specialist for the past 30 years, we have stayed true to our founding values and we remain committed to offer flexible, straightforward and independent financing solutions to middle market companies. We understand that every company has its own unique financing requirements, which is why we offer you the freedom to choose the right vendor and the flexibility to customize funding. We strive to dig deep within every industry that we serve to be extremely knowledgeable and thorough.

Across all the nine sectors we serve, we finance a wide range of commonly financed equipment available to best cater any project in assisting your business at all times which has attributed to our long-standing referrals and returning customers over the past 30 years.

We have created customized equipment financing solutions for virtually every industry imaginable. Our extensive team of financial specialists has a tremendous depth and breadth of experience to help you with your specific needs.

Every month, we’ll give an insider’s look at the key advantages of being an industry leader in the equipment financing space by providing the most flexible financing solutions with our various options of financing structures, lease options, end of term options, and payment plans.

Here’s the 101 on how we differentiate from other lenders with our top ranking in Monitor Daily,  26,100+ transactions financed, $1.5B assets financed, and $234 million in net assets to date. Jules and Associates has been in operation, providing services to every industry since 1989.

Here are the nine industries that Jules and Associates serves:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Legal
  • Medical/healthcare
  • Non-profit
  • Food services
  • Engineering

Our company specializes in the most common types of leases. These include:

  • Operating leases
  • Tax lease
  • Capital leases
  • Equipment finance agreements


When and why should you approach an equipment lessor?

The two options available to business owners when unaffordability is a last resort are to either lease or finance, each providing a solution to get what you need through a speedy process. When leasing, you are essentially renting the equipment and enduring the same process as you might when renting an apartment.  This usually requires no money down and no collateral, so you will only be held responsible for monthly payments for the duration of a lease.

If you are looking to purchase something that is less likely to need frequent maintenance, financing could be the better option.

At Jules and Associates, we understand that each company has its own unique lease requirements. With this in mind, Jules and Associates ensures flexible lease structures that can handle various funding amounts, term lengths, end of term buyouts and billing schedules. Our ultimate goal is to accommodate all of our clients’ situations accordingly. We also make sure to provide the same level of service to customers seeking to finance a one-time $100,000.00 purchase as a multi-million dollar project through multiple schedules.